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Social Responsibility

"Love Remains Along The Way"

To further promote the spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress" for public welfare volunteers, to create a good social atmosphere, and to stimulate the enthusiasm of all employees in Changjiang, Changjiang Electronics and Shi Shi Chan Yuan Charity Association launched a week-long “Love Remains Along The Way" charity donation charity event. Special thanks to Xiamen Lisheng Paper Co., Ltd., the carton sponsor, and Xiamen Golden Page Advertising Co., Ltd., the banner sponsor.

In the early stage of the event, mobilization was carried out through emails and posters, which increased the participation and motivation of employees, and aroused great enthusiasm and social responsibility for employees in Changjiang. During the event, all employees of Changjiang responded positively to this charity event and donated clothes left at home. As of December 27, they had received a total of 18 boxes of clothes. Each piece is cleaned and folded neatly as required. These batches of clothing will be sorted, picked and packed in a unified way, and will be donated to the less fortunate groups in Gansu region, who cannot survive the winter, through the Shi Shi Chan Yuan Charity Association.

This event not only realized the recycling of used clothes, but also reflected the spirit of unity and mutual help, created a good atmosphere of "Caring for others and Love to the society", and further promoted the traditional virtues of poverty alleviation and kindness. In the future, Changjiang Electronics will continue to carry out a variety of voluntary service activities to guide employees to actively participate and fulfill their social responsibilities.

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