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Gulang Island Environmental Protection Activity

Summary of Environmental Protection Activities in Gulang Island, Changjiang Logistics Party Branch

All Party members of our branch take the lead in abiding by the Xiamen Convention on Civilization of Citizens. Gulang Island is a landmark tourist attraction in Xiamen, and the Changjiang Logistics Party Branch used this opportunity to contribute the "BRICs Conference" in Xiamen. On Sunday, August 13, 2017, from 9:30 to 15:00 p.m., the Changjiang Logistics Party Branch welcomed the BRICs , advocating green Gulang island environmental protection as planned.


1. All Party members should give full play to the spirit of hardship without fear of hardship .

Despite of summer and beneath the hot sun ; all party members remain their full play to the spirit of not afraid of hardship and not afraid of tiredness; active and during the activities each team consist of 2-3 people received garbage bags, began to Gulangyu Haoyue Garden beach cleaning activities.
2. Clean up the glass and maintain the safety of tourists:
Glass debris near the beach is particularly large, basically caused by irresponsible littering by tourists, which will lead to injury to tourist especially barefoot tourists. We focus on cleaning up the debris on the beach; even with the sun is very hot, but will not affect everyone's enthusiasm.
From time to time, other citizens or tourists can be heard and say "thank you" to us for vonlunteering in thi activities and proceed warn their children "not to litter". We felt grateful that what we have done had bring attention of some citizens, so that they can witness the environmental health problems, their gratefulness had given us endless motivation, they teach children to pay attention to environmental health is what we seen the most. We knew that the propaganda aspect of this activity was far from enough, so we used action to influence others, even if only one person affirms our practice, we were successful, because it showed that he or she was aware of environmental health problems.
3. The Thoughts and Feelings of Party members on this activities:
Chen Yan Li, a member of the CPC, expressed her thoughts on this activity: "Is a moral excellence to participate in this environment protection." Environmental protection activities allowed us to personally experience the pain of garbage collection and the difficulty of material garbage collection. No matter whether  did we  thrown rubbish before or not, I hereby promise that I will not litter casually in the future. As a Party member, we should have our own quality and accomplishment. Starting from me, starting from small things, I call upon all of you to "stretch out your hands, bend down and build beautiful Xiamen together".
After this Gulang island environmental protection activities, this activity was generally fairly good and achieved the expected results, especially during the period of the activity, we able get the recognition of some tourists. It made us realized the importance of influencing the people around us, driving tourists, friends and family, and served to guarantee Xiamen meetings by our civilized journey and responsibility. Party members should behold themselves on their posts and play as a vanguard and exemplary role for Xiamen, and sharing the hardship and beauty of Xiamen.
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